Erik Lopez

Front End Engineer

I'm an experienced Front End Engineer who builds engaging products for the web.

What I'm currently working on

Add StorybookAdd Storybook for testing and viewing components.
Design player cardCreate a more interesting design.
"In Progress" issues via Linear API


My first coding experience was with QBasic on an old DOS machine and I was hooked! I've since worked at a large water and power company in Arizona, a successful mattress startup, an unsuccessful veterinary SaaS startup, a veterinary clinic startup, and a real-estate juggernaut.

For the past six years, I've been building products with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS using React, TypeScript, SASS, Less, NextJS, and much more. I also have 10 years experience as a full-stack .NET developer using C#, .NET(MVC, Razor), and SQL Server.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing Magic: the Gathering, or hacking on personal projects.

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Work in progress is my Magic: The Gathering passion project! Tired of all the disparate life counting apps, I decided to create my own platform-agnostic app that combines all the features I love.

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